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Dependable Paddleboard and Small Boat Rentals in Kyuquot

Kyuquot is known for its growing population of sea otters and striking natural beauty. When you’re on one of the Vancouver Islands, there’s no better way to explore the place than to check out its waters. At Kayak Rent, we encourage you to head out on a paddleboard or a mini/small boat and explore the waters, the idyllic beaches, and the food we have to offer in this region. Whether you’re vacationing with family or just want a few days off work with friends, coming to Kyuquot and renting a boat or paddleboard from Kayak Rent could be a lovely experience that you’d like to keep returning to. Reach out to us for paddleboard and small boat rentals in Kyuquot, and begin exploring the area peacefully.

Mini or Small Boat Rentals

Set sail into Kyuquot waters with a small boat for rent. We offer a fleet that’s sturdy and easy to navigate. You can spend some time out on the water, have a small picnic on the boat, and enjoy the wilderness and serenity around you. Our boats are clean and ready for use, and we provide you with all you need to make your ride comfortable. We have 2 13-foot aluminum boats to rent out.

Paddleboard Rentals

Spend your mornings or afternoons paddleboarding in the gorgeous Kyuquot waters for a memorable vacation. It’s an excellent idea for a relaxing holiday with friends. We rinse and dry every paddleboard after use, so you get one that’s clean and safe to hop on and paddle away. Currently, we have 4 paddleboards that we can rent out.

 Need a Kayak?

Don’t worry! We also offer kayak rentals. Just reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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