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Locally-owned Kayak Rental Company in Kyuquot

Kayak Rent is a local, indigenous-owned business that aims to ensure that visitors of Kyuquot have a great time. Kayak Rent’s owner and your host, Leo Jack, was born and raised in the community of Kyuquot, or Ka:'yu:'k'th' (meaning place of many winds) in the language of the First Nations band of the village. He has been a resident of the area since 1962. Leo’s son, Leroy, who helps his dad with the company, has lived in Kyuquot since 1989.

The father-son duo also runs another business, Voyager Water Taxi, where they offer water taxi services for when you’re kayaking with friends or have freight that needs to travel. 

About Kyuquot

In the early 1900s, Kyuquot was home to 2 fish canneries, a whaling station and hundreds of settlers living along the inlets. Today, we have around 200 people (although the population goes up in the summer months). 95% of the residents are of native descent.

Kyuquot has a school that goes to grade 12 with approximately 60 kids and 5 teachers. Our village has a hotel, a hostel (both with Wi-Fi), and several B&Bs that are open all year round.

Kyuquot Sound is also home to a growing sea otter population. There are over 2,500 sea otters in Kyuquot. These transplants from Alaska remain a popular tourist attraction in the area. We have a raft of about 200 otters that is just a 5-minute boat ride away. Contact us for more information on kayak rentals and water taxi services in Kyuquot.

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